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The Historical Society of Glastonbury

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Phone: (860) 633-6890                            Published quarterly - # 3    May 2012



Historical Society of Glastonbury

Membership Meeting


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

at 7:30 pm


Meeting Location

First Church Congregational

2183 Main Street

Parking is in the rear of the Church. Come in the bottom rear door or the side door facing the driveway



"The Puritans:  Myths, Lies, and Realities"
Examination of the degree to which the stereotypical view of the Puritans is accurate.



Deborah Gladding Willard

Retired Director of History & Social Sciences, K-12, Glastonbury Public Schools

Connecticut Teacher of the Year - 1986

M.A.  American and European History from Tufts University

Thesis:  Massachusetts - Connecticut Political Relations, 1630-1660








Tobacco Shed-Education Center

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving


The Historical Society of Glastonbury would like to thank the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving for a capital grant of $99,300 to support the reconstruction and related costs for the Tobacco Shed Project. This grant is made possible, in part, by the generosity of the Norma and Natale Sestero Fund.



The Society would like to thank the Department of Economic and Community Development, State Historic Preservation Office for a Connecticut Restoration Fund Grant of $99,300 for the reconstruction of the Oak Street Tobacco Shed at the Welles Shipman Ward house property.


Facilities reviewed the architect’s bid document for the tobacco shed, established revisions, and initiated contact with him to provide an updated bid document and drawings. Developed CD's of the barn structure to be provided to bidders.


The architect for the tobacco shed updated the bid documents including some requirements for repairs per our discussions. Developed additional CD's of the barn structure to be provided to the Town. The request for bids was posted on the State Website and a legal notice was posted in the Glastonbury Citizen. A pre-bid meeting occurred on May 1 at 2:00 pm at the WSW Property.


A Beautification Commission meeting, two zoning sub-committee meetings and a final Zoning Commission meeting for a special permit was held. There were no problems. Several Commissioners applauded HSG for their efforts in preserving Glastonbury history.


Final bids will be read at the Museum on the Green Thurs. May 17 at 2pm.




I would like to thank all the members who are receiving their information regarding the Society via email. If you haven’t been getting your information via the email and would like to help the Society save money, time and effort please email me at


Those who don’t have Email or would prefer to receive the Society’s information by mail will continue to receive information as before. 

Thanks for helping!



Sculptor & Poet

Josie Campbell Dellenbaugh


The art exhibit of sculptor & poet, Josie Campbell Dellenbaugh, at the Museum on Green, went very well. The reception managed by Jane Fox with volunteer bakers was a great success.  The show, which ran a full week brought many people into the museum who had never been before.  We thank Josie for allowing us to show her work and her support of the Society. Anyone, interested in purchasing one or more of her works can contact her at:

860-659-8456 or



Bus Tour of Historic Sites


The Society’s bus tour of historic Glastonbury was a huge success, selling out 2 buses and enough people on a waiting list to fill another bus. It was a beautiful spring day and everyone had great fun. I would like to thank Anne O’Connor and Sue Motycka the Co-Chairs of the Society’s Education Committee for their excellent work teaching people in a fun and accurate way, the history of Glastonbury as the busses toured our Town.



Dinner Lecture Series
Reservations are available!


There are still reservations available for both the Dinner Lectures!


The first dinner is July 15, 2012 and will be at the beautiful home of Jill & Scott Perry, 291 Tryon St. This mid-19th century house was built during the transition from the Greek Revival to the Italianate style.  Jill and Scott reconverted the house from a three-family dwelling back to a single-family home. Besides the small barn, now used as a garage, there is in the back a small cottage dating from the mid-20th century, a charming place for guests.

Brian Chiffer will be the speaker.


The September 9, 2012 -  Dinner Lecture will be at the beautiful home of Susan & Joel Freedman, 213 Tryon St., a center chimney colonial known as the Caswell – Miller House. Built in c. 1783, the house was occupied by the Caswell family and the Miller family for more than 150 years. Susan Goodrich Motycka will be the speaker.


There will be a raffle of several fun items at the Dinner so bring your money and join in on the fun!!



Walk-Dinner Tour of

“Cotton Hollow”


This year’s Cotton Hollow Walk-Dinner Tour was a great success beating out the rain by a day. This time there were 2 simultaneous walks, with one to the north and one to the south of Roaring Brook. Brian Chiffer, Anne O’Connor and Sue Motycka led the walkers through Glastonbury’s industrial history up Cotton Hollow. I would like to thank them all for their hard work and the wonderful way they present history in a fun and exciting way. I would also like to thank South Tavern for doing a great job putting together the dinner and making room for the slide show presentation.




We welcome the following New Members since the March Newsletter


Janice Lindsay

Ann & Phil Lohr   

Gay Smith

Emily Weil

Linda Yorton


Business Members


Quality Name Plate


22 Fisher Hill Rd.


Margaret Wilcox- Realtor

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage



The Eyeglass Place


33 Welles St. (Fox Run Mall)




(Lin Scarduzio)


Sunday, March 11 was our third Maple Sugar Madness.  Once again, Mark Packard’s boiling of sap into syrup brought a lot of visitors to Welles Shipman Ward.  They came from town and they also came from far away:  Norwich and Bridgeport, as well as others, but the winner has to be Moscow.  Somehow, I don’t think they came just for our sugaring, though.


In addition to Mark, Joe Sullivan was in the Eastbury Barn, Mary Ellen Linderman was in the White Barn, Jean Bartlett was the greeter dressed in colonial garb, Diane Lucas and Mary Vetreno minded the upstairs, Tom circulated through everywhere and I made little pancakes on the hearth for sampling of last year’s syrup. 


We had over 100 people that day.  All of us talked for more than 3 hours.  Jean finally urged the last guests out the door at 4:20, almost half an hour after we were supposed to close up shop.


If you’d like to help out at the Museum on the Green, docents for the Third Sunday are still needed.  Sue Motycka opened in March and April tended her Girl Scout display.  Judy Harper will give us June and July.  That leaves May, August, October, November, and December.  The Museum is not open on the Third Sunday in September to encourage people to come to Farm Festival.


Supper at the Welles Tavern

On Saturday, March 31, Joseph Welles and his wife once again opened the Welles Hotel to the townspeople of Glastenbury for the evening.  They would not have been able to serve the number of people had it not been for their employee, Cynthia (Cynthia Parzych Turner).  Supper was brought to 20 people, including David Humphreys, Minister Resident to the Country of Portugal, as appointed by President Washington (David Loda).  It was a bit of a surprise and much of a pleasure to host him.  He arrived on his very handsome horse, Huckleberry Finn McCool, Equine. 


The long-awaited wine merchant (Richard Swartwout, Founder 6th CT Regiment, SAR) arrived with a full basket and the Welles Hotel received a delivery of Madeira.


The stage from Hartford, which had been delayed by the high waters of the river and a broken rope on the ferry did finally arrive.  James, the coachman (James Shipman York) brought it safely to the tavern tho’ it was quite dark and he was quite exhausted.  There were 5 passengers on his stage who, tho’ they were tired and hungry, took time to introduce themselves and tell why they were traveling.  Susan Avery (Sue Motycka) was escorting her great niece, Clarissa Barrett (Clarissa Paquette) and a friend, Winifred von Derwoude (Caitlin Greene) to the Barrett’s new home in New London, where the young misses would attend a female academy.  A joiner, Pieter von Koszudam (Peter Kosuta) traveled from Albany to New London in search of work as a housewright, a shipwright, or perhaps building coffins.  He brought with him his wife, Fredericka (Linda Rimkunos), a midwife who was earnest in her work and sure she would find employment in New London.


The tavern was crowded, the fire warm, the food seasonal and tasty, and the cyder flowed.  A good time was had by all.


Handcraft Day, alias Textile Arts Day, alias Weaving Day was a different story.  It was held Sunday, April 15.  There was the usual compliment of excellent demonstrators:  Mary Elva Erf (weaving), Mary Ellen Linderman (knitting), Eva Bowden (cross stitch), Jennifer Lawlor (knitting), Judy Harper (tatting – Judy learned to tat just so she could demonstrate on Handcraft Day), Cheri Collins (drop spindle), Claire Gregoire (yarn sewing), Georgess Borrow (darning), and Mary Riley (quilting).  Additionally, Dave Motycka helped visitors to make rope, Joe Sullivan made shingles, and Tom Scarduzio split wood. 


We had fewer than a dozen visitors.  The best part of the day?  Three of those visitors were brand new Historical Society members.  They were very pleased to visit the House of which they are now part owners and see the activities there.


On Tuesday, April 17, there were Kids in Jerusha’s Kitchen.  Jean Bartlett and I hosted 5 lovely young ladies from Eastbury School and one young gentleman from Nayaug School.  We had a marvelous lunch of colonial style macaroni and cheese.  The class made its own macaroni, declaring the shape made it look like “that flat spaghetti”.  (Jerusha would have rolled her macaroni like a pie crust, folded, then cut it with a knife into strips.  She would not have owned a pasta machine.)  There were green beans and stewed pears to go with it.  Jerusha had baked ginger cookies earlier in the week and she shared them with the class.

Two of the Eastbury young misses were Ann Kehl’s granddaughters and Ann stayed with us through the day.  She also washed the pots that we don’t ask the kids to do in front of the fire.  When I mentioned that she had taken on the worst job, she said it was ok, she had eaten for free.


The class worked well together, including all members even tho’ 5 were already friends when they arrived.  They chatted as they ate their lunch and washed and cleaned up the kitchen.  I continue to be impressed with Glastonbury’s children.  I think we may have some of the nicest around. 


The Town maintenance staff has worked with Joe Sullivan and Joe Greene to hang our hay fork in the Eastbury Barn.  A hay fork is a “clam shell” device that hangs from the very peak of the roof of a barn to bring hay from the cart into the barn for storage.  Because we try to keep the interpretation of the Eastbury Barn around 1850, this fork is a little new.  It was probably first used between 1890 and 1905.  The reason the Historical Society accepted it was because of its original place of use.  Although it has currently been fixed so that it will not work, it originally worked very hard at Arbor Acres.  When the Town took over the property and razed the barn, they carefully removed it, taking precaution not to lose any of the small hardware, and gave it to us for preservation.


Welles Shipman Ward will next be open on Sunday, May 20 for Garden Day.  Please come to see the Arbor Acres hayfork, the Berdina Hart Ward Herb Garden, and all of the activities that will be going on.



Update on the O&O House Clock


Our clock has been in the workshop of Gil Tyler for the winter.  Gil is a professional furniture repairer and does excellent and correct work.  His efforts on the O&O House clock will be a gift to the Society.


He has examined it and determined what must be done to the case to stabilize it.  As soon as his work is finished, an appointment will be made to deliver it to the clockmaker who specializes in wooden clock works for its final repair.



100 years of Scouting


The temporary display celebrating the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting in America was a major success.  Individuals and scout troops throughout the Hartford area visited the Museum on the Green to view uniforms, equipment, pictures and memorabilia from the early 1900s to the present. Numerous visitors spent hours reading the old scrapbooks, and finding articles about themselves, family members, and friends.


The display would not have been possible without the many donations from current and former Girl Scouts.  Thanks go to Doris Armstead, Sally Armstead, Marian Brusberg, Deborah Downie, Judy Harper, Nadine Lester, Carleigh Motycka, Jodi Motycka, Sally Motycka, Sue Motycka, Clarissa Paquette, Rebecca Paquette, Robin Paquette, Caitie Reed, Linda Rimkunos, Lin Scarduzio, Jean Stasiowski, Jolly Steffins and the Girl Scouts of CT.


Save the date and bring a friend! The Historical Society Auction will be held Saturday, Sept. 29, 2012 rain or shine under a big tent at the Welles Shipman Ward House. We are looking for consignment items, which will bring at least $100 at auction.  Look around your house, attic, and barn for items that you would like to consign. Sterling silver flatware and tea sets are great, as is jewelry, odd chairs, quilts, candlesticks, candle stands, garden furniture, prints, paintings etc.


A major benefit of our Auction is helping our members who are weeding out antiques and collectibles.  Consignors realize 70% of the final sale and the Historical Society realizes 30% (a tax deductible contribution to the Society).  It’s a much better deal than you would get from an auction house.  That’s why we want your items first, before we open it to the public.  So look around, and call Gil Tyler if you have mainly furniture (633-2273) or Anne O’Connor if you have other things (633-8269).  If you aren’t sure whether the item is suitable, PLEASE feel free to give us a call.  We are happy to discuss them with you.  We are also looking for interesting smaller things for the silent auction.


There will be a Preview Party the night before for consigners and the Auction Committee. We do need lots of help on the day of the auction, so please contact Donna Henrikson (860-633-6158) if you would like to be a runner, register bidders, or do any of the myriad things, which need to be done on that day.  We’re all looking forward to a great and fun day Sept. 29, 2012!! 


Preview & Silent Auction:   8:30-10 am

Auction:   10 am

Terms: Cash, Known Checks, M/C or Visa.

5% Buyers Premium

Held Rain or Shine:

972 Main St,. S. Glastonbury CT


General Parking:

St. Augustine Church,

55 Hopewell Rd., S. Glastonbury CT

**There is a path leading to WSW at the rear of the parking lot.

Handicap Parking:

972 Main St. S. Glastonbury


For Info.:

860-633-6890 or


A list of items will be placed on the Society’s website as we get closer to the Auction date:


Decorate your house, buy gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversary, expand a collection or start a new one, while supporting the Society’s education and preservation projects.  It can also be environmentally sound. Looking for more ways to be green and sustainable in furnishing a home?  Using antiques and collectibles is another way to be green and sustainable, by reusing and recycling.


It’s also just a lot of fun to go to an Auction and bring a friend. We’re all looking forward to a great day Sept. 29, 2012!!





39th Annual Antiques Show


Please join us at the Society’s 39th Annual Antiques Show on the Green June 16. The Antique Show has consistently been our most successful fundraiser due to all of the hardworking volunteers and the many donations to the Society’s booth. Volunteer positions include:  booth setup and takedown, field setup and takedown, publicity, brochure ads and text, signage, getting the dealers situated on the field and helping them when needed, ticket sales, booth sales, coffee and doughnut sales, finances and Museum monitoring. 

To volunteer, please call Jim at the Museum



It’s not too early to start collecting items for the Society’s Booth.  China, glassware, furniture, jewelry, anything taking up your valuable space could be what someone else is looking for. Please help the Historical Society’s Booth with a donation!  We are looking for old and new; good, used knick-knacks; and “treasures”.   Also, please let your family, friends and neighbors know that we need items for the booth!


You may drop your items off at the Museum on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays,

9 A.M. - 4 P.M or we will pick them up at your convenience.  Please have all donations in by May 25! For more information please call the

Co-chairmen David & Debbie Lemieux

(633-5750) or Jim Bennett (633-6890).


Advertisers Needed!!!

Antique Festival Brochure

Each year we publish a Festival Brochure for the Antique Festival.  As part of this fund-raising event we sell ads in the Festival Booklet.  It’s easy to do, just send us your business card or a photo ready ad and a check for the size you would like.


1/4 page          $  25   

1/2 page          $  50   

1    page          $100   

Inside cover    $125   

Back page       $175   




If you don’t have a business to advertise you can be a Patron of the Festival for a $10 donation or more.  The names of all the Patrons will be listed in the brochure as supporters of the Festival.



Farmer’s Market


Celebrate Glastonbury!

Farmers’ Market

on the Hubbard Green

Real History – Real Farmer – Real Food


When:             Sat. July 21, 2012

Time:              9am – 1pm (Rain or Shine)

Where:                       Hubbard Green, 1944 Main

Sponsored by:

Town of Glastonbury’s Health Department, Historical Society of Glastonbury, Audubon Society of Glastonbury and Glastonbury Farms



Nomination and Election

of New Board Members


At the May 22nd Membership Meeting we will be voting for the position of Secretary. Nominations will be given at the Membership meeting and the members present will vote. The following is the Board’s recommendation.


Recommendation for Secretary:

Debora Duch               (2010-2012)

Debby has been an excellent Secretary for the Bd. for the past 4 years. Her youth and varied insight bring new ideas and vitality to the Board. She volunteers for various projects throughout the year, including the Antique Show and is an avid activist for preservation. She has graciously agreed to continue as Secretary if the membership chooses to re-elect her.



Current Board Members


Gil Tyler                      (2011-2013)

Vice President:

Jane Fox                     (2011-2013)


David Motycka           (2011-2013)


Debora Duch               (2010-2012)


Brian Chiffer               (2009-2013)

Craig Garneau            (2011-2015)

Judy Harper                (2011-2015)

Donna Henrikson       (2011-2013)

Robert Shipman          (2011-2014)


Board Members

Joseph Greene           Facilities Chair

Anne O’Connor          Education Co-Chair

Susan Motycka           Education Co-Chair

Heather Pulito                        Membership Chair

Joe Sullivan                Museum Chair



James Bennett

Executive Director

Phyllis Reed

Librarian & Genealogist

Lin Scarduzio

Curator & Program Coordinator




(Joe Greene)

Since the last Newsletter the committee has accomplished the tasks following:


Welles Shipman Ward House:

1.  Cleaned up limbs and brush and raked the path to the church commuter lot.

2.  Closed up 10 holes made in the Eastbury Barn by woodpeckers/squirrels.

3.  Repaired broken grape arbor and trimmed the plants.

4.  Moved the horse and wagon in the upstairs of the Eastbury Barn to provide access for the town to move in a lift to install the hay lift in the peak of the barn. Installation is complete with a safety cable.

5.  Took to dump all demolition material removed from the house during repair prior to painting. Extensive patching, cleaning, repairing and painting continue on the South Parlor Chamber.

6.  Finished cleaning up the brush from the various storms.

7.  Installed an electrical cover on an open box in the attic of the house.

8.  Replaced the damaged light in front of the house.

9.  Installed a light in the southwest chamber room closet.

10. Replaced 4 fluorescent ballasts in the Eastbury barn.

11. Replaced a broken wire that was supporting one of the apple trees.

12. Put down 30,000 sq. ft. of fertilizer on the WSW property.

13. Replaced 3 broken/rotted fence rails on the path up to the commuter parking lot.

14. Started the installation of 3 shelves in the northwest chamber closet and repair of the southwest chamber ceiling.


Committee Members: R. Bowden,

J. Dugan, J. Greene, H. Hunt, R. Inman,

A. Jankot, P. Manfredi, R. Mason,

J. Milich, D. Motycka, K. Sartoris



The Exchange Club of Glastonbury



HSG is participating in the Exchange Club of Glastonbury’s Touch a Truck event with the Eastbury Hearse. The Exchange Club has been a big supporter of the Society’s projects for many years and we are pleased to be part of one of their fundraisers. Bring your kids, grandkids and friends to:


Smith Middle School Parking Lots

216 Addison Road


Sat., June 2nd, Rain or Shine, 10AM - 2PM

Toot the Horns! Sit in the Driver's Seats!

Food and Beverages!


Admission: $10/Family of 4, $3/Single

Historical Society of Glastonbury                                                                

P.O. Box 46                                                                                                   

Glastonbury, CT  06033                                                                                           


















Historical Society of Glastonbury Current Calendar 2012

May          20

CT Open House Day & Planning the Kitchen Garden Day

Location:  Welles Shipman Ward House, 972 Main St. S. Glast.

Time:         1 – 4 pm

May          22

Membership Meeting  

Location:  First Church Congregational

Time:        7:30 pm

Program:  "The Puritans: Myths, Lies, and Realities"

Speaker:   Deborah Willard

June            2


Location:  Smith Middle School

Time:         10 am – 2 pm

June          16

Antique Show

Location:  Hubbard Green 

Time:        7 am Early Bird, 9 am - 4 pm General Adm.

July          13

Archaeology Day

Location:  Welles Shipman Ward House, 972 Main St. S. Glast.

Time:        10am – 3pm

Ages 12 and up. Reservations required. Students: $10, others $15

July          15

Dinner Lecture

Location:  213 Tryon St., South Glastonbury

Time:         4 - 6:30 pm

July          21

Farmer’s Market

Location:   Hubbard Green

Time:          9 am – 1 pm


August     16

Colonial Games Day

Location:  Welles Shipman Ward House, 972 Main St., S. Glast.

Time:         1-3pm

Reservations required. S5

Sept.          9

Dinner Lecture

Location:  291 Tryon St., South Glastonbury

Time:         4 - 6:30 pm

Sept.         16

Farm Festival

Location:  Welles Shipman Ward House, 972 Main St. S. Glast.

Time:         1 - 5 pm

Sept.         29


Location:  Welles Shipman Ward House, 972 Main St. S. Glastonbury

Time:         Silent Auction & Preview 8:30 am - 10 am, General Auction 10 am.